What is MavMentors?

MavMentors is a mentoring program through the University of Texas at Arlington that includes students, alumni, and employers. The program runs year round and primarily focuses on building connections between students, alumni, and employers through an online mentoring platform and in-person networking events. The emphasis on the program is to share connection moments and advice with one another. Students and alumni can use the platform to connect with alumni and employers in various career fields. Alumni from all class years, programs, and schools may participate as volunteer mentors or mentees or both; students may participate as mentees; employers who are not alumni can participate as mentors. These mentoring partnerships are meant to provide valuable support and guidance to student and alumni mentees as they navigate their careers, explore new career paths, or consider graduate school.

This virtual mentorship platform is mentee-driven. UTA students and alumni have the ability to contact potential mentors by selecting them from the search and sending them a message. It is highly recommended to have a personalized message when connecting with someone. Once selected, mentors and mentees will receive updates from the platform via email. Be sure to check your email often and follow the instructions in each one.