Find a Mentor to Help You Grow

MavMentors is a mentorship program through the University of Texas at Arlington that includes students, alumni, and employers. The program runs year round and primarily focuses on building connections between students, alumni, and employers through an online mentorship platform and in-person networking events.. The emphasis on the program is to share connection moments and advice with one another.

Benefits of being a mentee include:

1. Learning from an industry or business professional.
2. Sharing professional and educational goals while broadening your network.
3. Gaining the skills and confidence necessary to excel while building a relationship that will inspire, encourage, and support you in your future endeavors.
4. Developing a professional network and meaningful connections with other UTA alumni and future alumni.
5. Connecting real world experience to academics by acquiring valuable advice from a mentor’s experiences.
6. Receiving guidance and coaching to meet the challenges of transitioning to a professional role after graduation.
7. Asking questions and have honest conversations with some who’s been there.

D Marth mentoring student

Having a mentor is one of the best ways to prepare for your future career. By partnering with a mentor you can learn more about working in a professional environment, how to navigate the job search process, and important steps to take in your own career journey.