What is Expected of Mentees?

1. Drive the relationship. You need to be the person to reach out and make contact with your mentor, respond to all communications in a timely manner, and take the initiative to set up consistent meetings. One tip is to always end each meeting “when should we meet next?” so that you can get a date on the calendar after comparing both of your schedules.

2. Set your mentorship expectations right away about when and how you will connect with your mentor. Check out the Mentorship Agreement to help guide that conversation.

3. Agree and commit to the expectations and goals you set with your mentor.

4. Be receptive to suggestions and feedback from you mentor. Criticisms will only be offered in an effort to help you grow professionally.

5. Approach your mentoring partnership with respect, professionalism and an open mind.

6. Keep your goals and those of your mentor in mind during every interaction. Remind yourself, what goals did we set out to accomplish? This will help you keep track of your progress and help lead toward a successful mentoring experience.

7. Be mindful of when your partnership has reached its natural end; if all of the goals you set have been achieved then it may be time to find another mentor to tackle another set of goals. If you both would like to, you can continue to meet (though likely with less frequency) or you can simply thank them and move on to start another mentoring partnership. We do strongly encourage you to stay in touch with your mentor and keep them updated on your progress as you move through your career. Some mentor matches can be lifelong!

8. Send your feedback and suggestions for improvement periodically to careers@uta.edu . As this is a new and developing program, we’d greatly appreciate your honest feedback.

9. Tell your classmates and members of your Maverick Network about your experiences! As a growing program, we rely on word of mouth referrals to promote the program.

D Marth mentoring student

Having a mentor is one of the best ways to prepare for your future career. By partnering with a mentor you can learn more about working in a professional environment, how to navigate the job search process, and important steps to take in your own career journey.